Diesel Fuels

Regal Fuels provides only the highest quality diesel fuel
for all commercial diesel applications. All our trucks are
multi-compartment and feature two pumping systems.

Trucks and Truck Fleets

We provide personal service, competitive pricing and dependable delivery to keep your trucks fueled and on the move.

Construction Equipment

Let Regal Fuels handle your construction equipment – from big to small we handle everything.  Regal makes sure that your machines are ready to go all day every day.

Marine Fuel

Specialized knowledge of the marine market is needed to properly service waterborne engines which is why commercial ship owners rely on Regal Fuels. We provide diesel for all types of marine vessels including commercial fishing boats, work boats, charter boats, research vessels, passenger ships.


We provide dependable delivery service and fast emergency response when you need it most for hospitals, colleges, nursing homes, commercial buildings, warehouses and retailers.